• Speaker
    Sulayman Van Ael
  • Date
    Thursday 12th April 2018.  7.00 -8.30 pm followed by drinks.
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With Jihad being justified in the name of Islam, we read the actual Quranic verses together and question whether the Message of Muhammad is meant to be an evolutionary one, or leaves no room for interpretation.

Sulayman takes you on a journey of understanding, challenging ideas, and unraveling the Quran from a moderate and balanced perspective.


Sulayman Van Ael was named in The Muslim 500 as one of the 25 biggest Muslim influencers in the category of social issues. Converting to Islam at 18, he gained a BA in Theology from Rotterdam University and an MSc in Counseling and Mental Care, now working as a counselor at LSE, Imperial, and SOAS. His published books include “Successful Stress Management” and “Communication Techniques”.

Sulayman was the first European ever to be employed by the Ministry of Islamic affairs of Jordan to deliver talks and speeches and has been covered by CNN, Al-Jazeera America, and Norwegian television.

He can recite the entire Quran in English, Dutch, French, and Arabic.

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Mortimer House

Cerebral Sessions will be taking place at Mortimer House between 28th February and 1st May 2018.

Housed in a majestic six-floor Art Deco building in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, Mortimer House has served as residency to some of the greatest cultural, literary and intellectual figures of the 20th century and now provides a new experience for those who wish to create, work and unwind in equal measure.

Founded upon a philosophy of providing holistic balance in work and life, it is intended to satisfy the needs of both the head and the heart.

Mortimer House is also home to ground floor restaurant Mortimer House Kitchen, serving exceptional Mediterranean cuisine which attendees of the Cerebral Sessions can enjoy before or after classes.

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