Adjective cer-e-bral

Demanding or involving careful thinking and mental effort rather than emotional or physical.



A Place, typically a private club where people go to exercise and perform indoor activities.

What we are working on

  • Permanent full time venue(s)
  • No physical activity
  • Exercise your mind,
  • eat, drink and socialise in contemporary, fresh, modern and luxurious surroundings
  • Self-improvement via class format.
  • Integrated live and online/app offering

There are plenty of places to take evening classes, go to lectures, meditate and eat and drink. Nowhere has the vibe and range we are creating, with no aim to gain any certificate, purely to enjoy.

From 11am to 11pm, 7 days a week, intellectually curious, like-minded people can come together to learn something new, challenge themselves, question, debate and play games.


Lectures: World class speaker events for up to 200, on a wide array of subjects that will also be filmed and transmitted online and via the CG app.

Classes: One-off group lessons for between 10 to 40 people, offering anything from opera appreciation to puzzle solving.

Courses: Courses of 10 sessions, in a group lesson format to bring people together and learn “how to become a better parent” to “speak conversational Mandarin”.

Debates: Join our own version of fight club where a moderator will frame the most topical issue of the week and referee participants who argue it out, no holds barred.

Games Room: Play throughout the day with friends/members or participate in nightly tournaments in backgammon, bridge, gin rummy, chess and even connect4 and monopoly. A great way to interact and meet new people.

Mindfulness Zone: Group led meditation or take time to chill in a curated podcast/massage zone.

Personal Trainers: Book any of our instructors for one-to-one tuition, whether to help you tailor a bespoke reading list, cultural program, improve your memory and concentration or play better chess.

Entertainment: Live music in the evenings. Piano, classical, opera and jazz.